What to Expect during Sunday Worship

Welcoming visitors to Carman United Church sanctuary

Guidance for our in-person Sunday Worship Service

    • Loving your neighbour and being considerate to those who are worshipping in this space, all attendees are encouraged to wear masks and practice sensible social distancing.
    • If you are unwell please do not attend.
    • We are intentional in our worship practices.
    • If you would like to have a printed copy of announcements and the service outline, please pick one up, the greeter will help you find it.
    • We do not pass the offering plate; it is available in the entrance as you arrive or you can choose another form of sharing your offering, such as PARR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) or e-transfer, or directly to the office.
    • Prayer requests are for inclusion in Prayers of the People during the service unless otherwise marked. Prayer request paper and bowl are in the narthex, please write your prayer legibly prior to the service.
    • We stand to sing if able or comfortable, but sitting is fine too.
    • During Communion the elements are served individually, everyone is welcome to partake in communion, everyone.
    • Servers in the kitchen also wear masks.

    For those who are unable to attend the live worship service please email the office for a link to view our Sunday services on YouTube.

The entrance of our sanctuary is on the corner of Webb and Vedder. If you park in our parking lot you’ll need to walk around the building on the sidewalk path. The greeters will give you a Complete order of worship or Large Print edition as you enter. At this point if you have a financial offering you wish to make, place it in the offering bowl in the Narthex (old church term for lobby). At this point you can also leave a prayer request in the bowl provided, just write legibly.

As you enter the sanctuary, you’ll notice that we sit in chairs, not pews, and that there is a children’s table at the front of the sanctuary. Sit where ever you like, make yourself comfortable. Once you’re in your seat you might notice that there are a few pieces of paper in the seat pocket in front of you. There’s a All Are Welcome card which you are welcome to fill out and give the complete form to the minister or greeter. You’ll also find under your seat hymn books in case you prefer to read the music.

Everything you will need to know for the service will be projected onto the screen. We generally stand to sing and sit to pray. If you don’t know, just do what others are doing. Our music comes mostly from our two hymn books Voices United and More Voices. The piano player is our director and main source of leadership. And we are grateful to have a choir. Sometimes worship music is supplemented by trumpet or guitar.

Following the service there is tea/coffee and refreshments upstairs, please join us, you are welcome. We have an odd building so follow the crowd and you’ll find your way. If you have any questions just talk to those sitting near you, folks are friendly and happy to help.