2019 covenanting with Rev Kirstin at Carman United Church

What is an Affirming Congregation?

Carman congregation has embarked on an important journey to reflect on and discern what it means to be an inclusive, justice-seeking congregation that welcomes everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or ability.
The committee guiding this process has studied the available resources for becoming an Affirming congregation and met with key groups in our faith community who have shared personal stories of inclusion and exclusion, stories about gender identity and sexual orientation.
The next step will be sharing scripture study relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, with support by those who will help us understand what it means to become an Affirming ministry.

A vision statement, approved by the congregation is an important part of our process as is work with children in the congregation to help them see the faith community as a place where God welcomes everyone. Finally, we will develop an action plan to help include and welcome LGBT people at Carman. A congregational meeting is held to decide the way forward.

The committee believes as we navigate through the Affirming process we will become a stronger, more faith-filled church.